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Road Safety, Traffic Control, and Effective Transportation are the Need of Plano City

Plano the ninth biggest city in Texas with a populace of 288,539. Being home to headquarters of many worldwide organizations and considered one of the best cities in the nation on the basis of livability have contributed to a fair population growth rate of 11% over the last 10 years.

Plano has accessibility via air, light rail, public travel, and roadways public transportation. Only a short way of 30 minutes from DFW International Airport, Plano, and its geographical location permits business explorers same-day takeoff and get back from both the East and West coasts. Plano is only 20 minutes north of downtown Dallas.

Ways to Improve Road Safety, Traffic Control, and effective transportation

There have been many traffic-related complaints at Plano such as speeding vehicles, red-light violations, stop the light violation, etc. The increasing complaints are jeopardizing the efforts for improving traffic safety and facilitate the safe movement of traffic throughout the city.

We need to bring in new ideas, incorporate citizen feedback and ensure effective implementation for improving traffic chaos. Following are some suggestions which can help streamline the traffic:

Construction or work zone traffic safety

Work zones are profoundly risky conditions for drivers and laborers the same. The state depends on side of the road development work to improve its streets, yet this has proven to be one of the biggest safety hazards. In recent years, thousands of work zone car crashes in Texas including Plano took over a hundred lives and caused injuries to hundreds of passengers. The drivers are at a higher risk while going through work zones. Strict compliance to state's work-zone laws is what is needed to improve the situation.

Reducing the Speed Limit

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) says speeding is one of the top causes of work zone crashes throughout the state. Accelerating beyond speed limit can make it impossible to stop in time to prevent colliding with barriers, work vehicles or workers. We need to impose strict rules on speeding in accident prone areas to discourage this dangerous practice.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

We need better planning, development, and implementation for SRTS. The increased pedestrian and bicycle usage would improve safety and reduce traffic, fuel consumption, and air pollution in the vicinity of schools.

Public Transportation Development

Plano will provide access to a convenient transit network focused on increased travel options and direct connections to major local destinations.

We will work efficiently to fulfillthe following Public Transit action statement

  • Increase the number of public transit options throughout all of Plano by working with DART to enhance service provision.
  • Study the feasibility and identify the required infrastructure and routes for a Bus Rapid Transit program.
  • Work with DART to protect public transit users from weather and vehicular traffic through the installation of transit shelters at service stops.
  • Investigate feasibility of partnerships regarding for the provision of trolley services within major destination areas.
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