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Public-Private Partnership – A Way for an Affluent Plano

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is often defined as a long-term contract between an agency of the government and the private sector in the delivery of goods or services to the public. Areas of public policy include a wide range of social services, public transportation, and environmental and waste-disposal services. The Public-Private Partnership is processed with the formulation of policies to ensure time-bound creation of world class infrastructure.

Potential Benefits of Public-Private Partnership

  • Building modern, sustainable, and reliable infrastructure is critical for meeting the rising aspirations of people.
  • Infrastructure investment helps raise economic growth rates, offers new economic opportunities, and facilitates investment in human capital.
  • Public-Private Partnership can be a tool to get more quality infrastructure services to more people.
  • When designed well and implemented in a balanced regulatory environment, Public-Private Partnership can bring greater efficiency and sustainability to the provision of public services.
  • Public-Private Partnership can also allow for better allocation of risk between public and private entities.
  • Public-Private Partnership is Comprehensive Development Agreements that regulate everything from financing, revenue sharing, construction standards, and preliminary plans detailing the scope of the project.

COVID-19 Impact on Public-Private Partnership

While Public-Private Partnership have been around for decades, these partnerships have primarily focused on real estate and infrastructure development. But now, governments don’t have the money or the scale to provide services rapidly.


State and local city councils need to team up with the private sector instead of the federalgovernment for the required development of Plano. New delivery models would transform Public-Private Partnership, addressing issues with traditional funding limitations, and playing a pivotal role in driving COVID-19 recovery.

Our Aim

  • Development and redevelopment projects within the downtown area via Public-Private Partnership model
  • Exploring ways for the extension of Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
  • Increasing the connectivity for visitors, shoppers, fun seekers, and sports fans by bus, train, or a combination of both.
  • The Special Projects Department will facilitate development while emphasizing quality and sub-urban design practices.
  • Providing new technology tools and training to the workforce for efficient development.
  • Making Plano one of the most affluent cities of Texas, having an abundance of wealth and high quality of life.
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