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Plano Needs Better Healthcare and Emergency Services Amidst Covid-19.

The preparedness of health care and emergency services gets tested in situations like natural disasters for example flood and cyclone, man-made disasters, for instance, terror attacks and mishaps such as plane crash or train accidents.

But we are witnessing an even greater emergency due to outbreak of COVID-19 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Emergency Preparedness Rule which became effective on November 16; 2017. is outdated and doesn’t seem to be equipped to respond to epidemics like COVID-19. We not only need to be prepared for the current situation but also for the worst-case scenarios.

Also there are some long standing problems which need attention:

  • The administration doesn't give medical advantages to residents or guests.
  • Medical care services are costly.
  • Most of the citizens resort to buying insurance policies on premiums.
  • If the patient simply needs a routine physical test, he/she may need to hold up for several weeks or even a month.

What can be done for upgrading health care services?

  • We need to find ways to cut costs without compromising the quality.
  • Improve patient experience and deliver high-quality, affordable health services.
  • Considering new ways from the caregivers’ perspective to focus on the human side of health care.
  • The implementation of mandatory electronic health records to find ways and use data and technology to prevent problems or errors before they arise.
  • Bringing in next generation technology in wireless networks and replace or upgrade computers and other devices.
  • Promoting programs through which doctors and patients interact remotely via teleconference.
  • A comprehensive education campaign to raise public awareness of epidemics and introduce common knowledge on disease preventionPreparing the young and youthful citizens of Plano for emergency services and their own safety via comprehensive training programs.
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