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Development of Plano at the Cost of Environment. Right or Wrong?

Environment has a significant role to play in long and healthy lifeof human beings. A good environment means good quality of food, air, and other bare necessities of life. Over the last few decades, due to increasing population and need for resources, we have been continuously damaging our environment under the excuse of development.

Rapid infra-structure development in and around Dallas has followed a set path, small towns and villages converting into suburban cities which then turn into crowded and polluted larger cities. But who cares about environmental health? What about sustainable development?

The way the developmentof Plano has been handled, without caring much about the environment; the day is not far when our beautiful city will lose its identity of being the City of Excellence.

Of course, development is essential for the economic growth of the state. The citizens also want development but not at the cost of environmental destruction. What will we leave behind for our futuregenerations; an unhealthy environment? Certainly not! we will not let it happens.

I have conceived a development plan that centers around incorporating ecological sustainability into the developmental policy-making of Plano city. The biggest environmental challenges such as climate change and resource constraints can be a converted into turning point for opening new economic opportunities.

I agree that the previous ruling syndicate has tried their best to maintain a sustainable development agenda. However, I find many loopholes in their developmental policy which needs to be proactively addressed and this is what I plan to do by bringing in required expertise and following a consulative approach. Citizens of Plano can be rest assured that the city will have a wonderful environment contributing to a great quality of life in future.

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